Remember the Tripod

Your personal photographer’s notebook for collecting ideas and locations

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Create cards to store ideas and locations

Create a card by taking a photo and writing down your ideas. If available, your current location will be automatically added.

You can also import from the Camera Roll when you prefer to take advantage of your favorite photo taking app (whether for its image filters or its control over exposure).

Organize your cards

Create new cards in the All photo ideas list: think of it as your Inbox list.

When you are planning today's shooting, move the related cards in Today’s photos.

When you are done with a card, you can either decide to delete it or save it for future reference by moving it in the Completed list.

Is there something interesting around the corner?

In the All photo cards and Today's photos lists you can switch to a map centered around your position, with all the cards in the current list.

This way, you can always check if there is something interesting around the corner.

Walk to a particular card's location

When you are looking at a card, tap on the address to see the card's position on a map. Tap on the locate button to see your current position, too.

Questions, suggestions?

We're working hard to make Remember the Tripod an essential tool for your day-to-day creative workflow. If you think something is missing, drop us a line! :)